Tracking Software Complexity

Building great software has as much to do with the actual design and coding of it, as it has to do with project management. As they say, behind every successful software project is a team that has dedicatedly followed some form of software methodology. As team and code size increases, it becomes more and more imperative that some methodology be rigorously followed.

So what do I mean by ‘some form of software methodology’? I mean a software development method that works for the team. Specifically, I’m talking about unit test policies, build integration policies, code ownership policies etc.

Now the method doesn’t have to be TSP-PSP/Agile/Extreme Programming (or some other known method), it could be something the team came up with, feels comfotable with, and most importantly follows dedicatedly.


About soumya chattopadhyay
I live and work in Seattle, WA. I work with Microsoft technologies, and I'm especially interested in C#.

One Response to Tracking Software Complexity

  1. asdfd says:

    and most importantly follows dedicatedly.
    should adjust it whenever required

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