Uncommon Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the more uncommon shortcuts that I use when navigating Windows XP,

  1. Alt + Enter [Display properties for the selected item]
  2. Alt + Esc [Cycle through items]
  3. Alt + Spacebar [System menu for active window]
  4. Alt + F4 [Close active window]
  5. Shift + Del [Delete item permanently (without putting in RecycleBin)]
  6. Pressing Ctrl while drag&drop copies the item instead of moving it.
  7. Ctrl + Shift + Esc [Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager]
  8. Win + L [Lock Desktop]
  9. Win + M (or) Win + D [Minimize all windows]
  10. Win + E [Windows Explorer]

About soumya chattopadhyay
I live and work in Seattle, WA. I work with Microsoft technologies, and I'm especially interested in C#.

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