CodePlex Project: Team Foundation Server Explorer

Recently I’ve been looking at Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server API and thought of writing a simple Team Foundation Server Browser. The result is posted on CodePlex and the some screenshots are below.

Using the browser you can view the source tree and folder/file history, checkin/checkout files,


View pending changes (even for other users) and checkin/undo your files,


You can view your (or other people’s) shelve sets,


You can also change the displayed user via the User’s tab.


You can compare file history,


and view change set details,



1. Make sure you have mapped correctly, ‘Not mapped’ will cause the exception,

TF10217: Team Foundation was unable to complete your request due to an unexpected error. For more details, see the event log on the Team Foundation Server.


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About soumya chattopadhyay
I live and work in Seattle, WA. I work with Microsoft technologies, and I'm especially interested in C#.

5 Responses to CodePlex Project: Team Foundation Server Explorer

  1. Hi Soumya,

    Thanks for introducing this wonderful tool. I tried to download it from codeplex but no link available. Can you please upload the Visual Studio solution here, if possible?

    By the way, I recently came accross your blog and very impressed by your articles. Planning to go through in the next few days.

    Ganesh Murthy

  2. On the codeplex page, click on the source code tab, then click on the latest change set – you should see both ‘download’ and ‘browse’ options.

  3. Ganesh says:

    Wow! This indeed a wonderful tool for exploring TFS. I was able to download the source code and run the project without any problem. I was glad to see the XAML source code. I am currently learning Silverlight and this project should really help me. I shared this tool with my team and they are so impressed. Great work soumya!

  4. samsblade says:

    Really a cool tool. Are you going to continue development on it?

  5. James He says:

    Trying to connect to 2012 TFS and got nothing back. Do you have updates?

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