Comparing some Web2.0 APIs

I’ve been looking at some Web2.0 APIs, and here is a simple comparison,

  Request Type Response Type Authentication Documentation
Digg REST XML, JSON, Javascript, serialized PHP API key required but no authentication. Digg API
Wikipedia Query string params XML, JSON, serialized PHP API key/Sign in not required to use API. Wikipedia API
Flickr REST, SOAP, XML-RPC JSON, serialized PHP, XML, SOAP, XML-RPC API key required. Flickr API
Amazon REST, SOAP XML, SOAP Acess key required. Amazon API
Bing (formerly Live Search) Query string params, SOAP XML, JSON, SOAP AppID required. Bing API
Twitter custom, REST XML, JSON OAuth required. Twitter API
Facebook REST XML API key required. Facebook API

Multi-Touch Screen

Minority Report style multi-touch screens are a reality! Very cool!