Ruby Simplified Part 4: Ruby Loops

Let’s look at some Ruby loop constructs: for, while, and until.

# .Each loop
x = 10
x.times do |i|        
    puts "#{i}"    # Starts at 0, ends at 9

# For loop
for i in 0..10 do  # Needs a range
    puts "#{i}"    # Starts at 0, ends at 10

# While loop
x = 0
while x < 10
    puts "#{x}"    # Starts at 0, ends at 9
    x += 1

# Until loop
x = 0
until x >= 10 do
    puts "#{x}"    # Starts at 0, ends at 9
    x += 1

Ruby also supports break and next, these are equivalent to break and continue in C#.

# Break
for i in 0..10
    if i > 5
        break      # Terminate the most internal loop
    puts "#{i}"    # Will print 0 1 2 3 4 5

# Next
for i in 0..10
    if i < 5
    puts "#{i}"    # Will print 5 6 7 8 9 10


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My top 20 non-developer apps

I recently got a new laptop (Vista Ultimate x64) and was wondering what apps I would load, so here’s my top 20… 

  1. Firefox (no brainer)
  2. AVG or Avast! (anti-virus software)
  3. Adobe Reader (unfortunately can’t do without)
  4. Notepad++ (Replace the old but trusty Notepad)
  5. µTorrent (very lightweight Bittorrent client)
  6. Picasa (photo view and share)
  7. VLC (play any media file)
  8. CCleaner (system cleaning tool)
  9. Mozy (free 2GB auto backups!)
  10. KeePass (manage your online passwords) 
  11. WinZip or WinRAR (compression tools)
  12. Net Nanny (Internet Filter)
  13. Spybot Search & Destory (rid your PC of spyware)
  14. Windows Live SkyDrive (25GB free online storage)
  15. Dropbox (sync files across computers)
  16. Paint .NET (replace the aging MS Paint)
  17. Digsby (for all your IM needs)
  18. Skype (phone calls for free)
  19. Quick Media Converter (for my iPhone needs)
  20. WinDirStat (folder sizes)

(For developer apps and tools take a look at Scott Hanselman’s list).

Hello World!

The obligatory “Hello World!” first post!

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